Polis Rouge

by Remmirath

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released July 7, 2008



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Remmirath Slovakia

Emerging from black metal origins, Remmirath has progressed during its existence into an experimental entity that is difficult to be pigeonholed both musically and ideologically. After the demo Smrť Pútnikova released in 2005 and debut album Polis Rouge from 2008 (Ravenheart Productions), the second album Shambhala Vril Saucers is ready to be unleashed after finding a suitable label. ... more

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Track Name: The Will Behind the Colossus
Track Name: Replacing the Sun
Colossal clouds of filth
Pestbird spreading his bony wings
over an earth arid and sick
Postmodern age reaches it´s zenith
Our mechanical hands
almost reach the skies
Gods of primary Chaos!
Grant the stellar race
one more little eternity
Untill we rape the universe
with a metaloid phallus
of unrestricted liberty:
Atom chariots set out for a hunt
-they gonna devour the sun of old
to be replaced by a New one
is the banner for future
Let´s burn our beds
Tomorrow calls for the Restless
Superhuman rises in his arrogance.
Track Name: N.W.O. Neverland
I see Paris Hilton trading her cunt
On the front side of a magazine
Uncle Sam with a hat as tall as the skies
Let us feed the machinery
with our egos
Advertisment, Mamon:
The N.W.O. Pantheon
Westernisation, billboardisation
The allsurrounding plastic smile
Buying souls with wellmade slogans
Inscenated revolutions
Actors of the rostrum
We are here to play their little games
Countless hands and legs and eyes
Watched by the Big Brother
We are but microchip numbers
in the N.W.O. neverland.
Track Name: La figurine plastique
Et la lune au néon regarde en ville
Ce vilain jardin d'anonymité et un isolation d'acier
Ou les entretiens téléphoniques solitaires passent,
loin dans la nuit violette
Dix-milles voitures crient, passent par la silence de la nuit
Les grands ponts jaunes sanglotent dans la solitude
Les figurines plastiques regardent en moi
de la vitrine mystérieusement éclaite.
Track Name: Polis Rouge
Spellbound inside your lurid corners
Sleepless I pulsate
in the excited saxophone solos
My heart covered with
little glittering bulbs
Silently I make love to the red city.
Night moths melt in hot milk.
I´ll stay with you,
untill the moon burns out above the roofs
like a final cigarette.
Track Name: What Remains After Us
Purity has disappeared from the world
Suddenly we are so infinitely alone
Lakes up high in the mountains
are poisoned by our thoughts
Miserable figures standing
at the edge of the old-growing earth
Ridden of both spirit and mission
Hands of repudiated pre-gods
emerge from the underworld
Grinding our science and arts
Mother Earth shifts her skin
Deluge and lava upon
the aristocracy of being.
(But still it is so beautiful
to stand here with you
at the end of all:
That is what remains after us.)