Shambhala Vril Saucers

by Remmirath

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Recorded during 2013-2014 in various places of Bratislava.
All lyrics by As.
All music by As & Remmirath.


released March 14, 2015

As - vocals, guitar, keyboards, melodica, glockenspiel, thunderbox
HV - guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, jaw harp
Peter - bass guitar, claves, maracas, percussion
AE - effects, tingsha, throat chanting
Zrzo - drums



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Remmirath Slovakia

Emerging from black metal origins, Remmirath has progressed during its existence into an experimental entity that is difficult to be pigeonholed both musically and ideologically. After the demo Smrť Pútnikova released in 2005 and debut album Polis Rouge from 2008 (Ravenheart Productions), the second album Shambhala Vril Saucers is ready to be unleashed after finding a suitable label. ... more

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Track Name: Tiger of the City
Revolt is possible
Even if standing among ruins
I choose to ride the tiger
During Kali-Yuga,
Le roi du monde is hidden
I ride the tiger of the city
and try to keep my pride
Vigilant, insomniac rationality
engendering descartean godzillas
In temples of postmodern debris
The proof of the proof is not to be found
In the narcissistic swamp of Generation Y
I wait for the morning of the magicians
Escape the rhizome dreamworld
The world holds nothing we could pity
Toss it down and rebuild
The golden land of the giants
Tiger of the city
Growl in the neon light
Tiger of the city
Break the chains of the night
Track Name: Shambhala Vril Saucers
Mahouts arm their elephants for war
Silver vril saucers rise from Shambhala
Set your watch to the time of the Ancients
Cthulhu is Lucifer is winged draco clone
A white tiger keeps growling silently
Guarding the sleepers until they wake
Atomic skeletons resting beneath Gobi
Menstrual blood in the test tubes of R'lyeh
In roerichoblavatskian mountains
World carousel stops for a while
Rampa, Charroux, Lovecraft, Icke
Channelling the Green Ray
Remember the time
When giants walked the Pure Land
Our skin is blue, we do not belong
We were there when Mu sank
When vimanas deafened the heavens
Track Name: The Gunfighter's Quest For Enlightenment
Western sun rips my eyes like
a giant yellow vulture
Riding across Gobi's carpet of sands
I seek the Aghartians to duel with
An oasis lies in the desert of your heart
But you are blind to see
In the dunes' solitude I collect the keys
and become tired of the world
Scavengers circle above
Biding to complete this cycle
The day now comes, son
Lay me down beneath that cactus
Settled by moths and bats
Let my grave stare
Into the bourbon horizon
And you're to continue the task!
And as he smiled
houseflies flew out of his mouth
Maggots danced in his ula
Scarlet saliva watered the dust
Everything a man shouldn't be
was written in his chest.
From desert plains I bring you love
Track Name: Fox Cooper
It's joy divine to take a breath
among the Douglas firs
And Fox Cooper knows that
Pitchblack coffee with cherry cake
Shines like a night in the woods
Secrets sleep in lonely cafés
And Dale Mulder knows that
Bob haunts here since Roswell
The bees are not what they seem
Sometimes, driving on moonless nights
on abandoned rural roads
I think of Barney and Betty
Sometimes (I think) I see zetareticulans
Their ships look
Like freshly squeezed grapefruits
They want to take me
To the smoking man in the black lodge:
Emissary of the Dugpas
In fact, these insectoids are demons
Sulfuric New Age pretenders
These nights, I'm scared and weak
I desperately need a cup of coffee